Look what rolled into town yesterday

Under all that cladding and psychedelic paint is what looks like an electric Hyundai Kona! There were several people standing around so I didn’t spend too much time eyeballing it but it definitely didn’t have an exhaust pipe or muffler and it was traveling with a modified Chevy Bolt. Rumor has it Hyundai’s first all electric vehicle will be an SUV and the Kona is their very latest. The sliver of headlights and odd fog lights below them are the same as the pictures of the Kona, so there you have it.

The second car beyond the Hyundai is the Bolt, you can barely see the black tape on the A pillars holding the wiring running from under the hood into the passenger compartment. I’m guessing they were running some comparative evaluations, benchmarking their full electric against its competition. It was the Bolt using our store’s free charging station, so that’s a good sign for Hyundai!


Here’s another view (the alloy wheels on this are fugly and looked pretty rough, most likely for testing and only for sale sometime in the nineties!):

And here’s a photo of the Kona, all the lights, windows, and door handles look the same.


Keep an eye on your local charging station, you never know what will show up!

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